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Perimeterwatch’s audit services identify vulnerabilities within networks and provide information on the safety and security of critical data and assets. The audit examines potential points of exploitation and reports on the damage that could be incurred if outside threats breach system protections.

Our team analyzes every IP address, computer, server and device on your network including web servers, mail servers, routers, switches, firewalls and hubs. You receive a strategic and technical based assessment that evaluates policies, processes, and controls. Our team uses their extensive industry experience to fully analyze your security threat level, and allows your organization to improve its network.
Perimeterwatch’s audit process is broken down into four phases:

Phase 1:
Our team reviews the full network architecture, including categorization of all devices, examination of documentation, and analysis of company security policies.

Phase 2:
Using innovative proprietary solutions and the latest industry standard tools, Perimeterwatch deconstructs and inspects your company’s network to assess vulnerabilities, possible network slowdowns, and the potential for malicious exploit. This involves a combination of penetration testing, attack simulation, network evaluations, software diagnostics, and other technical apparatuses selected on a case-by-case basis.

Phase 3:
These findings are analyzed and compared to performance requirements, industry standards, and the security goals of the client.

Phase 4:
Perimeterwatch generates a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommending a variety of corrective measures.

At the conclusion of the audit, Perimeterwatch will review the report results with the client and work with you to devise a plan to implement the recommendations as quickly as possible.
Unique Features

Audit team with specialized knowledge in the latest security devices and threats
Customizable preparation, planning, and execution of audits
Internal and external network scans
Wireless Security Assessments
Comprehensive scanning of all ports and devices
Strict policies for client data transfer, storage and retention
Prioritized remediation recommendations
Presentation of how technical findings impact business
System optimization recommendations

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