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Perimeterwatch designs comprehensive security architectures for our clients. We provide a stable yet flexible security infrastructure plan that helps our clients maximize network capacity and minimize external threats.
From a single office to complex global systems, we are confident in our ability to plan premium custom security systems. Perimeterwatch Technology’s highly skilled engineers are certified in virtually all security products on the market today, and have deep knowledge of each product’s capabilities and latest updates. We are experts in designing hybrid solutions that take advantage of the specific strengths of each vendor’s product design. Our security professionals will work with your team to review network topology diagrams and gain an understanding of your unique business standards and needs. We place an emphasis on eliminating single points of failure to ensure continued effective network security performance, even during times of system error.

External Defenses: firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention system (IPS)
Network Integrity: monitoring, event correlation
Content Monitoring and Filtering: antimalware, antispam, web application firewalls
Host Security: intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus
Data Protection: database encryption, file encryption, and disaster recovery

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