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Perimeterwatch counts among its clients a number of major brokerages and financial organizations. We anticipate the unique security needs of financial organizations, and design systems to keep your business functioning at high capacity.

Our systems are deployed around the world, and run 24/7/365, in order to meet the demands of any market you may be operating in. Our managed security services are in a state of constant vigilance, monitoring every transaction from origination to resolution; this frees your internal IT personnel to devote more time to building business. Perimeterwatch also offers load balancing and availability services in addition to security. These services ensure that high volume trades and rapid data transfers will in no way impede the system from functioning normally, a crucial asset when gains can be separated from losses by a matter of seconds.

Audits and reporting account for a great deal of time and money spent by financial firms. Perimeterwatch has the tools to assist with the reporting requirements of Sarbanes Oxley, and other periodic audits. From archiving e-mails, records, and financial data to providing ad hoc search capabilities, our team of engineers will architect a solution that can fulfill all of your possible requirements. Our developers are experts at customizing reporting tools, and are able to create unique portals to suit your business needs. With the right infrastructure in place, your organization can more readily comply with regulations, risk and security issues.

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