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Perimeterwatch leverages its extensive investment in data center based technologies to provide system services in the cloud. The result is a cost effective approach to providing an environment for both production and disaster recovery systems allowing for your business to focus on its business and not the purchase, maintenance and management of hardware and software. Services include:
Managed Hosting
Perimeterwatch understands that your hosted environment is comprised of mission-critical components essential to your overall business strategy. Whether you require fully managed or partially-managed hosted services, Perimeterwatch hosting solutions have been designed and priced to enable you to meet current timelines and scale to help meet future requirements at a reasonable cost.
Perimeterwatch has the knowledge, experience, and portfolio of services that can support and complement your strategic direction and your primary need for: 

Reliable and scalable solutions
Sustainable and world class quality services and solutions
Rapid implementation of a flexible hosted environment that is designed to be reliable, scalable, security-rich and cost-effective
New IT capabilities that you can acquire with a relatively small upfront investment and flexible terms that may in some cases enable a shift from capital expenditures to operating costs
Access to critical IT skills and resources that can free your staff time to focus on your core business increasing productivity and efficiency while helping to lower costs

An effective hosted environment requires more than a solid infrastructure and leading-edge technology. Many dependencies exist between Web-driven or back-office applications and the hosted architecture. Needs may arise which extend beyond core hosting services. By choosing Perimeterwatch for hosting services, you can have the confidence that comes with knowing that your provider can offer the hard-to-find technical skills to handle day-to-day database, application and security operations and the specialized skills and knowledge required to plan, design and implement business and IT solutions, that can help you become a true on-demand business.
Disaster Recovery
Perimeterwatch Disaster Recovery solutions are designed specifically to deliver the infrastructure services most commonly requested by organizations. These carefully architected solutions combine a Perimeterwatch-designed infrastructure with Perimeterwatch-managed servers hosted in a state-of-the-art Perimeterwatch-certified data center. This approach means you can benefit from either, dedicated server Disaster Recovery or readily scalable virtual server Disaster Recovery options plus economies of scale from an established, shared infrastructure including storage, network, monitoring, security and 24 x 7 operations.
Our Disaster Recovery solutions give companies the option of continuous availability with a recovery time objective of zero. Data is replicated and synchronized in real-time between the customers production system(s) and Perimeterwatch’s DR designated clustered high-availability server(s). The customer’s network environment must be engineered to allow for a load-balanced environment with automatic failover between the two environments. Perimeterwatch will outline the technology options and costs upon the completion of the initial assessment to determine the appropriate high-availability solution.
Depending on the network environment and data replication schedule, customers can engineer anywhere from a 1-minute to 12-hour recovery period. Data replication can be provided through replication software, Storage Area Network (SAN) replication, data switch replication, or many other forms of data replication. Perimeterwatch will outline the data replication options helping you manage complexity and reduce costs.
Our services are designed to reduce the costs and complexities associated with traditional custom Disaster Recovery environments. By utilizing Perimeterwatch Disaster Recovery, companies have access to a wealth of IT management experience and proven processes, without the upfront capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs typically associated with implementing and managing a new infrastructure.
Online Backup
If full Disaster Recovery services are not required Perimeterwatch can provide simple to manage online backup services ensuring your data is replicated to an offsite location in real-time and is easily accessible for recovery purposes should the need arise. Perimeterwatch uses the same state-of-the-art facilities and technologies used in our full service Managed Hosting and Disaster Recovery services to deliver this low cost backup solution.

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