Our Mission

We help organizations like yours maintain the integrity of their most business-critical information, stay in strict compliance with government and industry standards and provide their customers and business partners with the protection they deserve.


Custom Solutions

We design, support and manage custom implemenations of all mainstream security products and tailor them to any network environment. Our expert security engineers have extensive experience implementing cross-vendor solutions, and we can manage any reasonable business-to-business deployment project.


Full Protection

PerimeterWatch is not only concerned with network perimeters, though. As important as your point of presence systems are, we understand that your organization needs to protect its networks from internal breaches as well. We can protect your systems and data from all known forms of attack.


360 Security

We provide businesses with a professionally implemented, seamless 360 suite of security services. These include auditing, network security architecture and deployment or even certified training in all major security products on the market.

Finally, PerimeterWatch offers 24/7 managed security services delivered remotely from our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center. We can provide whatever you need, up to and including a complete managed network security solution.

The value we add to your business:

PerimeterWatch gives you total control and management over your data. The rate of change on the internet, mobile, distributed processing and other technologies is simply staggering. Failing to keep up can doom even a well-established organization, but bringing in these new capabilities without fully effective security procedures and systems can be equally disastrous.

PerimeterWatch is one of the world’s foremost authorities on information security. We bring a comprehensive portfolio of security software and business systems to the table, including state-of-the-art products, professional services, top-notch education, and training.

PerimeterWatch offers a truly secure IT infrastructure. Whether that means a completely managed IT and security function or co-managing with your in-house people, we provide the security intelligence, the technical expertise and the implementation experience necessary to make sure your solutions solve your business problems – without simply creating new ones.

We make it possible for you to continuously monitor your entire digital footprint, adjust to a changing risk environment and respond to threats and issues the instant they arise. We can provide you with an accurate map of your entire global network, as well as a report of all of its vulnerabilities. We can also identify critical information and prioritize it for fast, easy and efficient remediation if a problem arises.



There has never been a better time to join PerimeterWatch’s data and cybersecurity team. We’re looking for the best people in the industry to provide a growing list of clients with the security, monitoring and event response services they need to thrive.

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