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ThreatWatch Complete

Using PerimeterWatch’s complete ThreatWatch services immediately reduces costs, complexity and maximizes efficiencies. At the same time it ensures that any cyber attacks or threats to your organization’s data security will be detected and countered in real-time. We handle the entire process remotely, and without interfering with your normal operations.

  • A comprehensive deployment of security technologies including threat prevention, monitoring, analysis, detection, and response.
  • Single point of contact for all of your security and support requirements.
  • Automated systems which can detect a problem and take the most critical steps to prevent damage before our trained experts step in to manage the response.
  • A customized implementation designed for your organization alone, fitting your processes and vulnerabilities perfectly.



PerimeterWatch’s CloudWatch services extend ThreatWatch SIEM, ThreatWatch MDR and ThreatWatch Complete offerings to all of your cloud environments. Every day we see clients with weak cloud configuration settings, easy to fix misconfigurations, poor logging or far too many permissions assigned to individual users. Our cloud-based services are designed to spot the vulnerabilities in your cloud solutions and close them.

  • CloudWatch extends our ThreatWatch SIEM and MDR offerings to all of your customers' cloud environments.
  • CloudWatch for Azure and O365 allows you to keep your customers’ data on Microsoft’s servers and systems, but allows PerimeterWatch to monitor its security in real time.
  • CloudWatch for AWS offers the same levels of protection to your customers’ AWS cloud deployments


Cybersecurity Consulting

PerimeterWatch’s team of expert security consultants can conduct a full cybersecurity audit of both your on-site and remote systems, then help you chart out technological, risk, compliance and adversarial engagement plans that give you the security you need but don’t interfere with the way you do business.

  • Web/Mobile Application Pen Testing – API and other testing procedures designed to assess the security of your mobile and/or web-based apps
  • Network & Infrastructure Pen testing – External and internal attempts to gain unauthorized access to your data infrastructure, to take advantage of vulnerabilities, or to steal data
  • Social Engineering Testing – Gauging your employees’ security vigilance, determining how effective your anti-social engineering controls are, and ensuring policy compliance

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